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Sunset on Pine Beach East at Madden's on Gull Lake

The Last Pure Sporting Event in the World

The Last Pure Sporting Event in the World

What a performance by young Jordan Spieth this past weekend.  The first (youngest) wire to wire winner since 1976.  What a fine gentleman to watch for hopefully years to come. The simplicity and purity of the Master’s is an amazing thing to watch. Bobby Jones infused great soul into the game of golf. Especially when he gave birth to The Masters.

The tournament has nurtured the greatest champions the game has known. It has set the standards, guarded the sacred traditions and held its ground against the onslaught of commercialism and swagger to a degree almost impossible in a world where materialism runs roughshod over mystical intangibles.

At Augusta in early April, time takes the week off; and sport is conducted with pure love. The people watching on course aren’t “fans.” They are patrons. They are welcomed like family and they act like family. Amateur contestants bunk in The Crow’s Nest atop the clubhouse. Pimento and cheese sandwiches still cost about a buck and a half. Beverage prices are sublimely low. You can even carry a beer onto the premises when you enter, provided you pour it into a green Masters cup. It’s a little like Matt Dillon letting you bring your sixgun into Dodge, as long as you act like a gentleman. We are thankful for Bob Jones, the Augusta National Golf Club, and all the golfers everywhere who appreciate the game and its heritage.

We strive to present The Classic at its Sunday best for all who come to play. Every day. She was designed with the best traditions of the game in mind. Our caddies will be preparing to soon don their white jumpsuits. They are another year wiser about our splendid course, and anxious to shed a winter’s worth of waiting for their players to return.

The combination of special places and special people is a grand thing to be a part of. Everyone at Madden’s looks forward to the coming season. We can hardly wait for you to arrive.

“Hit’em hard. It’ll land somewhere”

The Madden’s Caddie

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