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Freshly Baked on the Shores of Gull Lake

Making every day a little sweeter! Start your day with a freshly baked scone and end it with a slice of cheesecake, all hand crafted each morning at Madden’s on-site bakery. Looking for something on the savory side? We have that too. All around the resort, and now extending into the community, you’ll enjoy a wide assortment of fresh-baked rolls, pastries, cakes, and desserts.

Where to Find Bakery Goods

Madden Bros. Market & Restaurants

Find the perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee at Madden Bros. Market with a unique selection to choose from daily. The Bakery also provides pastries, dinner rolls, and desserts to Madden’s on-property restaurants.

Special Events & Custom Orders

Madden’s Bakery is expanding their services from on-property weddings and events to serving the Brainerd Lakes area community by offering custom order cakes, cupcakes, desserts, and pastries. Inquire below to request a custom quote for your next gathering or event.

Special Events

Find bakery treats at upcoming resort and Brainerd area community events:

Stay tuned for more events coming soon!

Meet Savanah Fischer, Pastry Chef

Madden's Pastry Chef, Savanah FischerGet to know Madden’s Pastry Chef Savanah Fischer! Savanah joined the Madden’s team in 2023 after a long history of culinary positions, most recently at The Loop West End in the Twin Cities. She and her family relocated to Brainerd to begin her career at Madden’s, and it’s been a sweet journey ever since! Savanah’s fresh ideas and passion for pastries shines through. Learn more about Savanah below:

How did you start your career as a pastry chef?
I was around baking my whole life! My mom had an second kitchen in our house which she had a licensed in home bakery. I grew up watching her making many cakes and eventually was put on different tasks like greasing her pans and making the many batches of frosting. Eventually she saw I had some talent and soon had me helping in the baking and decorating. My Grandma also was a baker so every time we went to her house there would be a table full of sweet treats which we all looked forward to and were in awe of.

I knew I wanted to purse baking to be able to keep giving that joy I saw my mom and grandma giving to others through their goodies. So, after high school I went to Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts for baking and patisserie.  I had the honor of doing my internship at Bluefin Bay Resort, then after I graduated I worked at a small bakery my family opened, a bread bakery, and then moved to the Twin Cities. Here I worked as an assistant pastry chef at Solera Restaurant. From there I worked for a great company, Rocket Restaurant Group where I served and bartended for many years and even had the opportunity to make desserts for big parties held there, like Tyus Jones draft party! When they started remodeling a new restaurant I became their first hired pastry chef at their restaurant The Loop West End.  I stayed there for 8 years baking all their desserts and brunch goods, eventually adding in the job as sous chef, and even head chef!

I left that job to make the big move up to Brainerd to work here at Madden’s!

What excited you most about moving to Brainerd/working at Madden’s?
Challenging myself to create a fun and delicious bakery program at Madden’s really excited me. I love having fun with baking and giving people something, they have never had or something that when they eat,  it brings them back to a moment and can associate that bite with a great memory. My family loves being outside, so we are really looking forward to having so many adventures ahead of us.

Favorite dessert to make and/or eat?
I’m a sucker for donuts, I love to eat them and to decorate them. My kids love donuts too, so I enjoy basing a lot of my flavor ideas off them. When it comes to what I like to make the best, I love making cheesecakes! There are limitless flavor combinations and I love pushing the limits of what people expect a cheesecake to be vs what I make.

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