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Stress-Less Massage

Slip into vacation mode with an Aveda “Stress-Less” Massage.  This tranquil service combines lavender and clary sage to create an experience that eases your mind and relaxes your body, helping you unwind so you can fully enjoy your getaway. (30/60/60 minutes)

Sun-Wed $55/$100/$135
Thurs-Sat $65/$110/$145

Hot Stone Massage

We use hot smooth stones to soothe tense and sore muscles and joints. The heated stones help to soften muscle tissue and increase circulation (60/90 minutes)


Sun-Wed $110/$145
Thurs-Sat $120/$155

Madden's Classic Massage

This relaxation massage is sure to help you unwind while you are on vacation. Choose from several different Aveda essential oils to enhance your service and create a relaxing experience. (30/60/90 minutes)

Sun-Wed $55/$100/$135
Thurs-Sat $65/$110/$145

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

This spin-off of the Hot Stone Massage uses warm Himalayan salt stones. The salt stones offer deeper relaxation, reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation, and improve your overall sense of well-being. (60/90 minutes)

Sun-Wed $120/$155

Madden's Golfer's Massage

This deep tissue massage uses a golf ball to help reach deeper into the layers of muscle, release tension, and promote a relaxed state. Perfect for golfers! You’ll receive a complimentary golf ball with your treatment. (30/60/90 minutes)

Sun-Wed $55/$100/$135
Thurs-Sat $65/$110/$145

Madden's Sports Massage

Designed for the physically active, Madden’s Sports Massage can help prevent injuries, maintain optimal condition, recover from workouts and prepare the body for physical activities. We use a combination of both warming and cooling oils to address your particular needs. This massage is performed as a deep tissue to allow your therapist to get into the deepest layers of the muscles. (30/60/90 minutes)

Sun-Wed $65/$110/$145
Thurs-Sat $75/$120/$155

The Renewal Body Scrub/Massage Duo

This scrub/massage combination begins with a full body brush exfoliation followed by a massage with hydrating body cream to nourish your skin. (90 minutes)

Sun-Wed $150
Thurs-Sat $160

Couples Massage

Enjoy a relaxation massage or upgrade to a deep tissue. This treatment is sure to nourish you and your guest. Performed in the tranquil Spa Cottage, this service will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed. (60/90 minutes)

Sun-Wed $200/$270
Thurs-Sat $220/$290

Pampered Pregnancy Massage

Designed to bring comfort and calm to the mother-to-be, this service uses products specially formulated to promote skin elasticity and resiliency during pregnancy, prevent and repair stretch marks, and nourish the skin. Pregnancy cushions are used to enhance your massage, allowing mom to fully relax. (60 minutes)

Sun-Wed $100
Thurs-Sat $110

Cinnamon Splendor Massage

A hot brewed cider scent fills the room, as you’re nestled in a bubbling brew wrap infused with vitamin E and sweet almond oil. Once unwrapped, enjoy a sultry-cinnamon twist massage with antioxidant-rich Red Hot Shandy body oil. It’s a red-hot kneading that tantalizingly relaxing to the core. (60 minutes)

Sun-Wed $100
Thurs-Sat $110

Wraps & Body Treatments

Beautifying Body Wrap

Restore and renew your skins natural glow with this uplifting treatment. The skin is polished, lathered and moisturized with Aveda’s Beautifying line, before being wrapped up in a warm thermal blanket. The Beautifying line uses organic essences of Rosemary, Lavender and Bergamot, which are sure to leave you refreshed.” (60 minutes)

Sun–Wed $110
Thurs-Sat $120

Reprieve Wrap

We start our most relaxing treatment with an inhalation of Lavender followed by a dry exfoliation and a lotion application of Aveda’s most indulgent and relaxing lotion infused with French Lavender, Lavandin, and Clary Sage. You are then wrapped in a cocoon of warm blankets. To further your relaxation, a neck, scalp, and foot massage completes this stress-reducing service. (60 minutes)

Sun–Wed $100
Thurs-Sat $110

Cell-U-Lift Wrap

Reduce the signs of cellulite with our exclusive Cell-U-Lift Firming Body Wrap. We buff your skin to perfection and then apply cellulite cream (to areas of concern) that firms and tightens your skin on a cellular level. Rejuvenating body lotion is then applied to the rest of the body for soft, radiant skin. A neck, shoulder, and foot massage concludes this revitalizing experience. (60 minutes)

Sun–Wed $110
Thurs-Sat $120

Tropical Bliss Body Wrap

We bring the tropics to you with a full body Citrus Grass Salt Scrub and a hydrating Island Elixir Shea Butter. You are wrapped in a cocoon of warm blankets and a neck, scalp and foot massage conclude this tranquil experience. Brought to you exclusively by FarmHouse Fresh (60 minutes)

Sun–Wed $100
Thurs-Sat $110

Pumpkin Latte Body Treatment

A creamy Butter Brulee whole milk wrap begins to relax tired skin, followed by an invigorating caffeine-infused whipped caramel body polish to take away all your rough edges. A supercharged organic pumpkin puree mud mask deep cleans and tingles. Finish this treatment with a dollop of softness from velvety smooth Sweet Cream Body Milk Lotion! (60 minutes)

Sun–Wed $100
Thurs-Sat $110


Mini Facial

Our mini-facial that will make you look as great as you feel on vacation. A cleanse, exfoliation, masque, and relaxing hydration treatment will make you glow. (30 minutes)

Sun- Wed $55
Thurs-Sat $65

Rejuvenation Facial

Whether your skin is sensitive, dry, aging or just problematic, this is the facial for you. Using IMAGE Skincare and Brevena Skincare products, your esthetician will customize a treatment just for you. This facial is great for all skin types. (60 minutes)

Sun- Wed $100
Thurs-Sat $110

Illumination Facial

This comprehensive treatment combines the latest innovations in skin lightening technology to correct all forms of hyperpigmentation without irritating the skin. (60 minutes)

Sun- Wed $95
Thurs-Sat $105

Seaberry Orange Hemp Hydration CBD Facial

This refreshing facial begins with a crisp cleanse made with soothing botanicals: calming cannabinoid-rich full spectrum hemp oil, FHF grown micro kale extract and green tea extract. A fizzy exfoliating buffing powder with mango butter and poppy seeds reveals new skin, which is then painted with a mud mask made with organic pumpkin puree. You might feel a tingle as this ‘Splendid Dirt’ works its magic to unclog pores and detoxify the most sluggish of complexions. Next, you’ll receive a mega hydration boost as a powerhouse serum-in-oil delivers brightly awakened, luminous skin. It’s infused with vitamins C & E, seaberry oil flush with rare Omega 7 & 9 fatty acids, and proprietary Hi-Bio™ fast absorbing, full spectrum hemp oil with cannabinoids and vital antioxidants that will replenish skin’s texture & bounce. Finish this tantalizing treatment with a botanical milk hydrator, coupled with an under-eye serum to erase the look of crow’s feet – revealing a new, simply radiant you. (60 minutes)

Sun- Wed $95
Thurs-Sat $105

The Max™ Stem Cell Facial

This ultra-firming face, neck, and decolletage treatment uses products that combine plant-derived stem cells with a blend of pumpkin and fruit enzymes to target pigmentation, wrinkles, and lax skin in just one treatment. (60 minutes)

Sun- Wed $100
Thurs-Sat $110

02™ Lift Treatment

Exfoliation meets oxygen therapy for instantly radiant skin. Exfoliation followed by a revolutionary oxygenating masque and stem cell infusion leaving the skin exfoliated, oxygenated, and illuminated. (60 minutes)

Sun- Wed $105
Thurs-Sat $115

Image™ Signature Lift

Tighten and brighten in one treatment: a results-driven treatment that will change the image of your skin in just one session. Vitamin C, alpha beta hydroxy acids, and gentle enzymes speed up cellular turnover and lighten, brighten, and tighten all skin types, even sensitive and rosacea-prone skin. (75 minutes)

Sun-Wed $120
Thurs-Sat $130

Anti-Aging Facial and Body Wrap

This anti-aging treatment combines an antioxidant facial with an ultra-hydrating anti-aging body wrap. This treatment is sure to leave your skin feeling smooth and deeply hydrated from head to toe. (90 minutes)

Sun-Wed $140
Thurs-Sat $150

Professional Makeup Application

Enjoy a special look for a special event or just because! Our makeup professionals will polish your look using Glo skin Beauty Cosmetics. By appointment only, base on therapist availability. (45-60 minutes)



Nail Services

Mani/Pedi Combo

A combination of our Essential Manicure and Essential Pedicure, this service will have you polished and ready for your vacation in 90 minutes. Gel polish is not available with this service. (90 minutes)

Sun-Wed $85
Thurs-Sat $95

FarmHouse Fresh Sunflower Repair Manicure

Anti-aging and deeply moisturizing! Start with a dip into a healing oile soak made of certified organic sunflower oil, followed by a hand and arm exfoliation, and a vintamin-rich avocado mask. Finish with a hand and arm massage using a powerful antioxidant sunflower serum. (60 minutes)

Sun-Wed $55
Thurs-Sat $65

FarmHouse Fresh Honey Lavendar Milk Manicure

We use a honey-lavender sea salt + rice bran oil exfoliator to smooth and soften your hands and arms. You’re then treated to a creamy yogurt, honey and oat mask to soothe irritations. A grand finale massage for both your hands and arms includes a Buttermilk-Lavender kneading that caresses your skin with creamy organic coconut milk (60 minutes)

Sun-Wed $55
Thurs-Sat $65

Botanical Bliss Manicure

The Botanical Bliss Manicure uses dried herbs and essential oils to help soothe and soften the hands.  Your service will be personalized for you with a variety of scents to choose from.  (60 minutes)

Sun-Wed $50
Thurs-Sat $60

Essential Manicure

The Essential Manicure is great for those on the go. This manicure covers all your basics: nail shaping, exfoliation, lotion application, and a polish. (45 minutes)

Sun-Wed $40
Thurs-Sat $50

Gel Manicure

The perfect manicure for a flawless gel polish finish. Gel removals must be mentioned at time of booking. (50 minutes)

Sun-Wed $60
Thurs-Sat $70
Gel Removal: $10

FarmHouse Fresh Bee Pampered Pedicure

Sweet, buttery nectar milk warms and softens skin before a spicy cider scrub down. Famished feet and toes are then glazed with a hot honey wrap and left steaming under fresh towels right before a honey-chai steeped coconut milk massage nourishes skin on contact. Ooh la luxury! (60 minutes)

Sun-Wed $65
Thurs-Sat $75

Botanical Bliss Pedicure

This unique pedicure uses dried herbs and essential oils to help soothe and soften the feet.  Your service will be personalized for you with a variety of scents to choose from.  (60 minutes)

Sun-Wed $65
Thurs-Sat $75

Madden’s “Luxury” Pedicure

Madden’s most luxurious pedicure starts with a soak in a calming almond milk bath; then two scrubs and masques are used to assure that the feet and calves are left soft and smooth. We won’t forget about your hands either; this treatment includes a soothing paraffin glove treatment. (75 minutes)

Sun-Wed $80
Thurs-Sat $90

Essential Pedicure

The Essential Pedicure covers all your basics: nail shaping, exfoliation, lotion application, and polish. (45 minutes)

Sun-Wed $45
Thurs-Sat $55

Gel Pedicure

The perfect pedicure for a flawless gel polish finish. Gel removals must be mentioned at time of booking. (50 minutes)

Sun-Wed $70
Thurs-Sat $80
Gel Removal: $10

Children’s Manicure or Pedicure

Fun for the kids! We’ll shape the nails and polish with our colorful children’s polish (20 minutes, for ages 12 and under)


Spiced Cider Pumpkin Pedicure

Bask in a hot, bubbling spiced-cider soak with vitamin E and sweet almond oil. After an invigorating whipped honey sea salt exfoliation, you’ll be painted in a thick pumpkin puree mud mask that warms, tingles and oxygenates your skin — bringing a healthy glow. A sultry, sweet-cinnamon scented massage completes your scrumptious treatment. (60 minutes)

Sun-Wed $65
Thurs-Sat $75

FarmHouse Fresh Malted Moonshine Gentleman's Treatment

Available as a manicure or pedicure, this treatment was designed just for men. Start with a creamy chicory soak that soothes sore muscles, followed my Muscadine Moonshine Scrub. Hydrate your newly revived hands or feet by ending with a shea butter balm massage full of Vitamin E, mango and cocoa butters. (50 minutes)

Manicure: Sun–Wed $45 | Thurs-Sat $55
Pedicure: Sun–Wed $60 | Thurs-Sat $70

Waxing & Tinting

Beautiful Brow Treatment

Includes an eyebrow tint and brow shaping


Brow Treatments

Brow Shaping $20
Brow or Lash Tinting $20


Lip Wax $15
Bikini Wax $45
Full Leg Wax $75


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