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Sushi rolls at Madden's restaurants in Brainerd MN

Sushi Wednesdays at The Classic Grill

Sushi Wednesdays at The Classic Grill

Madden’s chefs decided to try something new, so we’re bringing sushi night to The Classic Grill on Wednesdays!

What is sushi exactly? Sushi technically refers to the sweetened, seasoned rice. The fish is sashimi, but put them together and it’s referred to as sushi. Sushi platters for one or two will be served that includes a miso soup, specialty rolls and nigiri.

To kick-off this fun adventure, we decided to share some common sushi terms with you.


  • Ahi – (aaa-hee) – Yellowfin Tuna.
  • Anago – (ah-nah-goh) – Salt water eel (a type of conger eel) pre-cooked (boiled) and then grilled before serving, less rich than unagi (fresh water eel).
  • Butaniku – (boo-ta-nee-koo) – Pork. Buta means pig.
  • California Roll – (maki) A California roll is an american style roll created in California for the American palate. It usually consists of kamaboko (imitation crab meat) and avocado, sometimes including cucumber.
  • Daikon – (Dah-ee-kohn) – giant white radish, usually served grated as garnish for sashimi.
  • Edamame – (eh-dah-mah-meh) – Young green soybeans served steamed and salted and usually still in the pod.
  • Gari – (gah-ree) – Pickled ginger (the pink or off-white stuff) that comes along with Sushi.
  • Gohan – (goh-hahn) – Plain boiled rice.
  • Goma – (goh-mah) – Sesame seeds.
  • Gyoza – (gi-yoh-zah) – A filled wanton dumpling that has been either fried or boiled.
  • Hamachi – (hah-mah-chee) – Young Yellowtail tuna, or amberjack, worth asking for if not on menu.
  • Hashi – (hah-shee) – Chopsticks. Also called O-Hashi.
  • Miso – (mee-soh) – Soy bean paste.
  • Nigiri – (ni-gear-i) – a small oval block of cold rice topped with wasabi and a thin slice of fish, prawn, etc, and sometimes held together by a thin band of seaweed.
  • Nori – (noh-ree) – Sheets of dried seaweed used in maki.
  • Ocha – (oh-chah) – Tea.
  • Shitake – (shee-tah-keh) – A type of Japanese mushroom, usually available dried.
  • Soba – (soh-bah) – Buckwheat noodles.
  • Tempura – (tem-poo-rah) – Seafood or vegetables dipped in batter and deep fried.
  • Tori – (toh-ree) – Chicken.
  • Toro – (toh-roh) – Fatty Tuna. There are several different types of tuna you can order in a sushi restaurant. It comes in many different grades which are from best to, well, not worst, o-toro, chu-toro, toro, and akami (which has no fat content).
  • Udon – (oo-dohn) – Wide noodles made from wheat.
  • Unagi – (oo-nah-gee) – Eel (Freshwater) – grilled, and brushed with a teriyaki-like sauce, richer than salt water eel.
  • Wasabi – (wah-sah-bee) – Japanese ‘Horseradish.’ This is the small lump of green stuff that looks sort of like clay. Best done in extremely small doses. The actual rhizome is not related to American Horseradish except by name, but unfortunately, the ‘wasabi’ most often served is not real wasabi, but powdered and reconstituted American Horseradish with food coloring.

The Classic Grill will also be accepting reservations this winter. For more information, Call 218-829-2811 or The Classic Grill directly at 218-855-5921.



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