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Madden’s 2011 Murder Mystery Recap

Madden’s 2011 Murder Mystery Recap

murder mystery

Miss out on this year’s Murder Mystery Weekend at Madden’s? Have no fear, we’ve summed up the mystery scenario for those who need to get their crime solving fix. Don’t forget to join in on the chilling fun next October. The 2012 Murder Mystery Weekend is a weekend to die for.

The sun was about to set over a serene Gull Lake on the evening of Friday, September 30, 2011 as guests at Madden’s Resort enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, unaware that at that very moment a killer was stalking one of them. Suddenly a single gunshot shattered the festivities and the night suddenly spiraled downward. When the pandemonium died down, a well-known record producer from the Twin Cities lay dead on the floor. Police and EMTs were called immediately as two nurses, who just happened to be in the group, tried frantically to resuscitate the lifeless body. Just as Detective Lieutenant Calhoun, an expert in robbery and homicide arrived the victim was pronounced dead.

As the body was being removed, Detective Calhoun announced to the guests that they were all witnesses of a murder and were now part of a homicide investigation. At that point one of the guests revealed what appeared to be a blackmail note that had been earlier discarded by the now-deceased record producer.

When Saturday morning arrived, matters took a turn for the worst. During lunch, one of two young girls staying at Madden’s together had a mysterious gift delivered to her table. Moments later she was gasping for air, finally expiring as the result of a poison she had unsuspectingly ingested. Hysterical over her friends’ demise, the other young girl had no idea that she too had only hours to live.

At dinner on Saturday evening an obituary about a chauffeur dying in prison turned up, followed by an article from a Minneapolis newspaper detailing the death of a woman and little boy whom, years earlier, had been struck and killed by a limousine owned by the now-deceased record producer.

Suspicion was focused on the remaining young girl but the next time Detective Calhoun and the guests saw her, she was dead in her room with a large butcher knife sticking out of her chest.

Complicated? Yes. Did Calhoun solve it? Yes, but only with the aid of the guests. An arrest was made and the case was closed at Sunday brunch.

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