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How to Plan the Perfect Spa Vacation

How to Plan the Perfect Spa Vacation

Looking to plan the ultimate getaway to relax and recharge? A Minnesota Spa Vacation might be just what you need. Take in the lake views while you are pampered with manis, pedis, massages, and more.  Here are some tips to help you make to most of your weekend of luxury spa services

Choose your services

Take a look at the services the spa resort offers and decide which ones are right for you. It’s kind of like ordering at a restaurant; you’ll want to try an appetizer, enjoy your entree, and–of course–you’ll still have some room for desert. Maybe you’ll start your luxury spa getaway with a facial to get your skin looking its best. A massage or body wrap will help you sink in to the worry-free life of a vacationer and leave you feeling rejuvenated for the rest of your stay. Then top it all off with a mani or pedi so you will look as good as you feel, from head to toe.

Unplug to Recharge

Your getaway is meant to help you do just that–get away. Turn off your phone so you can worry less about what is going on elsewhere and just enjoy the here and now. A few days unplugged from your devices might be just what you need to help you recharge.

Hydrate & Eat Light

Be conscious of what you are eating leading up to and during your spa vacation. You won’t want your body to feel sluggish and weighed down, so eat lighter meals in the 24 hours or so leading up to your spa appointment. Also be sure to start drinking lots of water before and during your spa trip, especially if a massage is included in your services lineup. Staying hydrated will help your body flush out toxins that your body can release during a massage, and it may also help combat soreness. You might also want to put down the coffee so you aren’t restless or tense during what is meant to be a relaxing time.

Enjoy the Company

The most important part of your vacation is who you spend it with. Whether it’s a couples’ retreat or a girl’s getaway weekend, a vacation is always better with a best friend by your side. In your down time after your spa appointments, you can take in the sights, grab a bite to eat, or do nothing at all–it’s what vacations are for.

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