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How Madden’s is Going Green

How Madden’s is Going Green

From the prime lakeside location on Gull Lake to the acres upon acres of tree-lined golf courses, many of Madden’s best features are those that only Mother Nature can take credit for. Here at Madden’s, we do what we can to reduce our footprint and help keep nature at its best. Every department is responsible for implementing sustainable efforts to achieve the ultimate goal of minimizing our impact on the environment through our Green Initiative Program. Here are just a few of the ways Madden’s is doing its part. 

Practicing the Three R’s

Reduce, reuse, recycle: the classic guiding principles to help us all be a little more earth-friendly. Madden’s, as an organization, strives to implement these in every department, from utilizing reusable products where we can to reducing our energy consumption by simply flipping off a light switch. A great example of this is our HR department who has gone digital and has eliminated paper within our hiring process! The golf department at Madden’s is also on par by printing score cards on recycled paper. As we continue to strive to reduce and reuse, every department at Madden’s is committed to recycling.  


Keeping it Clean

…our resort, our courses, and the Earth!  Madden’s only uses eco-friendly cleaning products and has also implemented an Ozone laundry system that uses oxygen and electricity in place of chemicals in the washing process.  

Growing Green

Many of Madden’s dining locations use herbs and vegetables from our very own on-site garden in their signature dishes. Our chefs also source sustainable and organically-produced products wherever possible. 

Golf Greenway Program

Our Golf and Grounds department doesn’t just keep our courses in perfect condition; they help keep nature at its best, too. The Greenway Program at Madden’s utilizes a low input of nutrients and pesticides on a frequent basis and is designed to provide the plant with just what it needs, when it needs it. This system prevents the loss of excess nutrients and pesticides to leaching and other environmental factors. The goal is total utilization of inputs. The Greenway program can eliminate pesticide applications throughout the season by promoting consistent plant health, allowing plants to fight disease pressure with their internal defense mechanisms. 






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