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History of Mission Point

History of Mission Point

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As the nation recovered from the Depression in the late 1930s, Jack and his wife Peg, along with Start, opened a small, 3-cabin resort called Mission Point.

By 1941 Jack and Peg  Madden were the sole owners of Mission Point and decided to expand and redesign the resort. It reopened on May 29, 1942 renamed Madden Lodge as an American Plan resort (meals included) with accommodations for 19 guests.

 “In 1942 Jack worked hard in St. Paul five days a week to bring in much-needed cash while I struggles with the neophyte resort for four summers. That was the year of no new phones, rationed foodstuffs, rationed lumber, rationed hardware, rationed gas, rationed meat and a great scarcity of male help. It was easier to get babies than babysitters. It’s been a long, pleasant, tough, encouraging, frustrating, interesting climb from my first jobs of counting angleworms and pulling poison ivy to the opportunity of hanging my original paintings in the cedar-lined lobby of Madden Lodge.”

-Peg Madden, 1967

Just up the hill from Madden Lodge is what is known today as the Strawberry Hill House. Build in 1962, this was the residence of Jack and Peg Madden for many years and has since been converted into a multi-bedroom rental for Madden’s guests. Jack and Peg would host Monday night “Get Acquainted” cocktail parties for guests. At this time, apart from this cocktail hour, the resort did not serve alcohol.

In the late 1970s, Madden Lodge expanded to add a dining room that is now home to the lakeside restaurant Mission Point. The Bayview units, the cabins next to Madden Lodge, were added in 1982.

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