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Caddie Services



Playing one of America’s Top 100 courses is a special and memorable experience.  We recommend making the most of your experience playing The Classic at Madden's by taking one of our professional caddies.


Our goal is to connect the golfer with the golf course providing a unique and enjoyable experience.  We believe there is truly no better way to take in the golf course, the beauty of Northern Minnesota, and give yourself the opportunity to play your best than by walking with a caddie.

Madden's Caddie Program was recently featured in GolfWeek!


Caddies have been part of the game since its inception. Maddens has a rich history with providing caddies for golfers of all skill levels on Pine Beach East and Pine Beach West from the mid 1920s through the 1960’s. Caddie programs have been a major contributor to the growth of the game of golf. Many of the legends of golf started the game by caddying.

What to Expect From Your Caddie

Our professional caddies understand the challenges of playing the game as well as being a gracious host. They provide unique insight and advice to the obstacles and strategy of the course. Our caddies will:

  • Enable you and your guests to relax and enjoy the beautiful setting in the scenic Northwoods of Minnesota
  • Be an expert on the course; know yardages, flagstick location, green reading, club selection, and shot advice
  • Assist all levels of golfers from novice to experienced play their best round
  • Allow you to experience playing One of Americas Top 100 Courses like a Tour Pro!

Choose the Level of Service You Prefer

TRADITIONAL CADDIE: an option for golfers who prefers to walk the course. This is the most common method. The caddie assists the golfer by carrying golf bag, providing accurate yardages, shot strategy, course knowledge, green reading, locating errant shots, tending the flagstick, keeping equipment clean and organized, and maintaining the golf course

FORECADDIE: an option for golfers who prefer to ride instead of walk. The forecaddie assists the golfer by providing local course knowledge, accurate yardages, locating errant shots, tending the flagstick, keeping equipment clean and organized, and maintaining the golf course.

Caddie Service Rates

* Traditional Caddies $40/player
      Recommended gratuity starting at $30/player
* Forecaddie $20/player
     Recommended gratuity starting at $15/player

**Reserve Your Caddie**

Caddies are limited in number and available on a first come first serve basis. We recommended you inform our Reservations agent when making your tee times, or 7 days in advance.

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