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Apply at Madden's

Apply at Madden's

At Madden's, we believe in putting our best foot forward by presenting ourselves in a professional manner every day. This means coming to each shift well-groomed and in a complete uniform that is clean and pressed.

Madden's employees adhere to the following grooming guidelines:

  • Good personal hygiene is expected at all times: daily bathing, deodorant, brush teeth regularly, use a mint after smoking
  • Fragrances should be used sparingly.
  • Keep hands clean, wash frequently. Keep nails clean and manicured. Bright, flashy nail polish colors are not acceptable; no chipped nails, use only one color on all your nails; ornaments and decals not permitted.
  • Extreme hair colors and styles are not permitted.
  • Keep make up conservative.
  • Visible tattoos and body/facial piercings are not acceptable.
  • Jewelry should be kept to a minimum; women may wear one small earring per earlobe.
  • Mustaches, beards, goatees and sideburns must be well-trimmed; sideburns may not extend past the earlobe.
  • Uniforms must be complete, clean, pressed.
  • Wear the proper shoes for your job: clean, safe, in good repair
  • Your nametag should be worn at all times

By clicking on Apply at Madden's, you are agreeing to uphold these grooming standards, if hired.