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Milers Club

Milers Club

Earn $1 for every mile you walk

Madden’s is encouraging golfers to walk on our four courses this season. The ‘Milers Club’ is FREE to join. Every time you walk a complete 9 or 18 hole round, you’ll earn monetary credit towards your Milers Club account. Your credits may be applied to any purchases at Madden’s.

You’ll earn:

  • The Classic at Madden’s: 6 miles
  • Pine Beach East: 4 miles
  • Pine Beach West: 3 miles
  • Social 9: 1 mile

“Golfers who walk 9 holes burn 719 calories, walk an average of 2.5 miles, and score 3 strokes lower when walking with a push cart vs. riding.” Glenn Hagberg, PGA Head Golf Professional


Milers Club members will be notified 1-14 days in advance of select bonus days to earn up to $5 per mile walked!

“Too often golfers speed through their round in a cart without enjoying the course and their surroundings” Brian Thuringer, President, Madden’s on Gull Lake

Why? We believe walking is a better experience–healthy too!

All four courses at Madden’s are traditional layouts, designed with walking in mind. Minimal distance between tee and green allows walkers to play at the same pace as golf carts. A recent study found that golfers playing nine holes burned over 700 calories, walked an average of 2.5 miles, and scored 3 strokes lower than golfers riding in a cart. That’s over 1400 calories, 5 miles walked, and 6 strokes less for 18 holes!

What will your goal be this year?

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