Maddens on Gull Lake
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Madden's Memories 2011

We have just over one month left in our season. Weíre starting to get a little sad! Maddenís is not only a job we come to each day, it is our passion! For me, Maddenís main blogger, this summer was just plain fun! I got to do nearly everything around the resort plus some! Iíve flown in two airplanes (a seaplane and a biplane) in my short tenure as our blogger. Iíve taken gone on the Gull Lake Water Expedition, taken a ranch tour, gone horseback riding and trap shooting. Iíve been able to hone my photography snapping shots of families, kids playing at Adventure Cove, and some awesome landscapes and flowers. There is so much more IĒve done, but I donít want to bore you. Iíve decided to share some of my favorite pictures and one video to give you a glimpse into my summer as the Maddenís blogger.

Enjoy, Elizabeth