Maddens on Gull Lake
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Welcoming the Wood Ducks to Madden's

Because of its lakes, ponds and woodland areas The Classic at Madden’s presents an ideal habitat for wood ducks. The wood duck typically looks for an opening in a hollow tree located within 100 feet of water but will readily nest in wood duck house if it is properly placed and built.
 The wood duck prefers its house over water which helps avoid predators and access the natural insect population found around bodies of water. Wood ducks also like the opening of their house to face South or West. It’s important that the houses are no closer than 600 feet apart from each other as the female can become confused and sometimes even lay a second clutch of eggs in her neighbor’s nest.
In Minnesota the female wood duck will seek out a house shortly after the ice has gone from the water. She usually lays 8-12 eggs that will hatch in about 30 days. One day after the young hatch, the female will call out to them from the water and they will take a leap of faith to meet their waiting mother. Stay tuned for details on our next project at Madden’s. We’re looking to set up close to twelve bluebird houses around the facility.
Scott Hoffmann, Madden's Golf & Grounds Superintendent