Maddens on Gull Lake
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Valentine's Day at The Classic Grill

Join us at The Classic Grill at Madden’s for a romantic and exquisite Valentine’s dinner from February 10-14 (closed Sunday night).

Crispy Scallops.
Panko-crusted and prosciutto ham wrapped scallops served with green apple slaw and lemon cream. $12.95

Surf & Turf.
Beef tenderloin and cold water lobster tail served with glazed asparagus and béarnaise sauce. $32.95

Caramelized Bananas.
Sautéed bananas with brown sugar, rum and butter served on pound cake topped with whipped mascarpone cheese. $6.95

Fish of the Week:
Lobster & Shrimp Skewers.
Garlic and tarragon marinated lobster and shrimp skewers served with sautéed wheat berries and clarified butter topped with baby arugula salad. $25.95